5 reasons why structural steel frames are beneficial for any building project

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5 reasons why structural steel frames are beneficial for any building project

Do you know that steel has been used in construction since the first skyscrapers were built? For example, the first skyscraper, The Home Insurance Building, was made of stone, iron, and steel. However, recently, steel has become a popular option for smaller buildings and even residences such as homes or homestays. The ultimate question is why? Why use steel? Let’s find out why.

Structural Steel Frames Have Higher Strength

Steel is heavier than timber or concrete for the exact dimensions. That explains why steel provides strength that is unavailable for buildings built with wood frames and brick walls. Due to its strength, steel is sturdy enough to resist the damage caused by natural disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Simply put, less steel is necessary to provide the same amount of support generated by timber and concrete.

Structural Steel Frames Are Versatile

Steel can be fabricated into different shapes while still maintaining its strength. Therefore, steel allows people to express their creativity through various designs. Besides, steel can also be bent or shaped into any metal plate. For example, cabin homestays and offices are all made of steel materials, thus proving that steel has become a popular option for smaller buildings due to its flexibility.

Structural Steel Frames Are Visually Appealing

Some disagree that steel is a classy exterior and interior element. However, metal is in fact increasingly become a visible element of building design. If you are a person who follows latest design trends, industrial style is one of the trendiest interiors these days. Some designers embedded steel into their designs, because even a small amount of steel still produces an indescribable sense of sophistication.

San Francisco’s Pier 70 | Zwavelpoort House | Stadium Bukit Jalil | Chicago Skyscraper

Structural Steel Frames Are Cost-Effective

While steel is certainly not as cheap a material as concrete, it’s reasonably priced, given its unparalleled durability. Besides its affordability, steel-structured buildings actually have a shorter construction time. Therefore, we can reduce our financing costs due to the shorter completion time. Furthermore, from the end user’s point of view, such as cabin staycation owner, the building can be used or rented as soon as possible for faster profit generation. Also, since steel is durable, the maintenance costs for repairs or replacements are lower.

Structural Steel Frames Are Eco-Friendly

Last but not least, do you know more than 80% of steel in the market is made from recycled materials? In case you already didn’t know, steel is widely known as an eco-friendly material because it’s recyclable! Not recyclable for a few times, but, endlessly. This is due to steel doesn’t lose its strength when it’s melted down or recast. So, safe to say, steel is the forever reusable substance on the planet.

Conclusion: Steel Is a Timeless Metal

To this day, steel remains one of the most widely used metals worldwide, especially in construction, manufacturing, engineering, interior design, and more industries. Also, because of its durability, dependability, usefulness, affordability, and sustainability, we strongly believe that the popularity of steel will be continued for many years to come.

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