Are Portable Buildings Eco-Friendly?

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It’s a new norm for most of us to consider the environmental impact of every decision we make, from installing eco-friendly air conditioners to constructing houses using green materials. So, this blog will focus on a green, convenient, and sustainable building – a portable building. Some might say portable buildings are a greener alternative for construction, but how are they eco-friendly? So, keep reading and get your puzzles solved.

Portable Buildings Are Eco-Friendly Due to Its Reusable Materials

Most portable buildings are constructed using steel structures such as portable offices, portable toilets, and portable cabins. So then, why do we say steel is eco-friendly? That is because steel is 100% recyclable, which means it can be recycled into the same material of the same quality over and over again (American Iron and Steel Institute, 2020).

The institute also reassures people that “when we buy steel, we are buying recycled.” Another great thing about portable buildings is that they can reduce up to 90% of the waste generated through traditional construction methods such as brick-and-mortar houses. Do you know a portable building is not only built using recycled materials, but the building itself is also recyclable? Keep reading the following points to find out more!


Portable Buildings Are Eco-Friendly Because They Are Portable

Here is a small challenge, go around and calculate how many abandoned buildings and facilities are there within your 15km radius. As simple as it is, houses get abandoned because people can’t move them from one location to another, and not all houses get rented out. The ultimate result of abandoned buildings is they will all become landfill sites.

Due to that, the devastating aftermath of abandoned buildings inspires people to build something portable, including houses and offices. Why? Because portable buildings mean they can be relocated to new locations! Not only does this stop the ground from being permanently damaged, but we’ll get to utilize the building to the greatest extent possible! Isn’t it awesome?

Portable Buildings Are Eco-Friendly Because Fewer Deliveries Are Needed


Fewer deliveries? What does that have to do with portable buildings? Most of the portable buildings are built in factories. So, compared to traditional construction, where materials are constantly being delivered to the building site, portable buildings are entirely constructed off-site, then the finished product will be delivered for assembly on the spot. That also means fewer road trips and deliveries and less environmental pollution!

What’s more? Since portable buildings are built in a factory, there is complete control over optimizing the material usage. Rather than going to waste, surplus materials can be reused in future projects. So, let’s cheers to reduced air and land pollution!



Have we solved your puzzle? Portable buildings are indeed environmentally friendly. So, try to begin your sustainable journey with portable buildings and incorporate modular buildings into your business model moving forward! Here marks the end of this article. Remember, you can go green with us. Solid Horizon is your ideal partner to start a greener lifestyle or business model; let’s tick more environmentally friendly boxes together!

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