[Earth Day] Colorado Company Uses Shipping Containers as Farms

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COLORADO (23 April 2021) – For the past three years, FarmBox Foods, a company based in Sedalia, Colorado, has been growing vegetables in shipping containers to provide sustainably sourced food to areas that do not have enough land to plant good, clean and nutritional food.

These Vertical Hydroponic Farms (VHF) grown in shipping containers are the brainchild of Rusty Walker and Jake Savageau, the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of FarmBox Foods respectively. Their aim is to bring food security, safety and sustainability to communities in need around the world.

According to Walker, their goal and mission is to get the company’s products into the communities where it can help develop food security programs.

“We’re looking to get into food deserts, opportunities where folks in the world might not have access to good, clean nutritional food. And so we kind of strive as a company that’s driven to feed the world one container at a time,” he says.

Walker says that one of the big areas they’re focusing on are the urban areas throughout the U.S where they don’t have a lot of land to grow.

“These farms can go right into the parking lots, behind a church for example. We’re working with a community church on the south side of Chicago that’s looking at placing two of these containers – a vertical hydroponic farm and a mushroom farm – right outside in the parking lot,” he explains.

Walker also adds, “We think we could also bring an education spin to this where we can have the community grow their own food and supply the community themselves with highly nutritional food that ordinarily they just would not be able to get their hands on.”

Walker is hoping the if the Chicago pilot program of introducing VHF shipping containers to urban communities goes well, this would be an application that would apply to every inner city throughout the U.S.

Currently, FarmBox Foods have also shipped their VHF shipping containers to islands in the Caribbean and the South Pacific.

“We’ve got two containers going to islands. We’ve got our first container that took off for the island of Jamaica. It’s going to Montego Bay where it’s going to be used behind mega marts on the island. And then we have another container which is our gourmet mushroom farm that’s going to be going to Tahiti where they’re going to be using that to feed the island population which does not have access to that type of food.”

For the full FarmBox Foods interview, you can read it here.

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