company safety & health policy

“Safety is Our Top Priority & Everyone’s Responsibility”

The safety and health of our employees is most important. Employees are not required to do a task they consider unsafe. The company complies with all applicable OSHA workplace safety and health requirements and maintains occupational safety and health standards that are equal to, or exceeds, the best industry practices.

The company has established a safety committee comprising management and labor representatives, whose responsibility it is to identify hazardous and unsafe work practices, remove obstacles for accident prevention, and help evaluate the company’s efforts to achieve an accident-and-injury-free workplace.

Managers, supervisors, and all other employees share responsibility for a safe and healthy workplace.

  • Management is accountable for preventing workplace injuries and illnesses. Management will consider all employee suggestions for achieving a safer, healthier workplace. Management will also be informed on workplace safety-and-health hazards and regularly review the company’s safety and health program.
  • Supervisors are responsible for supervising and training workers on safe work practices.
  • Supervisors must enforce company rules and ensure that employees follow safe practices during work.
  • Employees are expected to participate in safety and health programs including, immediately reporting hazards, unsafe work practices, and accidents to supervisors or a safety committee representative, wearing required personal protective equipment and participating in & supporting safety committee activities.


  • We design and build according to our clients requirements
  • We assist to design and build the entire structure, as well as provide insight for architecture, structural integrity, M&E and infrastructure
  • We provide engineering expertise, procurement, construction and commission for the projects according to our clients requirements, and to complete and handover the project
  • We are able to sublet projects as a whole, manage and deliver them based on clients requirement