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KLANG, 3 Sept 2021 – Malaysian couple Zaizul Azri Mohamad Mahayudin and wife Hamizah Baharudin have built a house in Meru, Klang made entirely out of repurposed shipping containers for RM120,000.

Modular homes or shipping container homes might be the current housing trend overseas in countries like the United States, China and even Venezuela, but here in Malaysia, it’s still a slow growing alternative to traditional brick and mortar.

In an interview with, Zaizul, a full-time primary school teacher and part-time photographer, said that he and his wife have always wanted a Scandinavian home concept. However, construction costs were too much for them.

Zaizul explained that they were inspired by tiny houses and container homes they saw on the internet and made up their mind to go for a minimalistic house using shipping containers.

“Finances were one of our main challenges because we had chosen to avoid taking any housing loans and were depending on savings from our photography business along with some help from family members,” he told the news portal.

“After hiring container contractors in Port Klang, we began the construction process in 2017, and it’s been an ongoing process as we’ve been using our savings gradually,” he said.

Dubbed ‘Kotak Teduh’ or ‘Rumah Sederhana’, the modular home commands a build up of 900 sq ft and comes complete with a living room, master bedroom, workstation (which doubles as a second bedroom), kitchen, and two toilets. There’s also a balcony and a spiral staircase which connects the living room to their workstation.

In terms of managing the humidity while living in a steel house, Zaizul mentioned that it’s not that hot.

“There are various methods that can be made to reduce heat as well as humidity. What we did was just install an exhaust fan and an air conditioner. But we rarely use the air conditioner. We just switch on the fan and exhaust fan,” he said.

Additionally, Zaizul also said that they plant a lot of trees to balance the nature of the hard container and also to get oxygen and reduce heat.

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