Portable cabin unit is the future of office space

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Ever getting annoyed with taking commute to your workspace and realizing you can do the same at your own home? With MCO happened back in 2020, all of us have gotten used to working from home (WFH), and with the addition of recent heavier traffic than usual, office spaces need to be creative and agile to keep up with the changing times. What if instead of one big office space in the middle of the city, there is multiple individual office unit spread across different location and region for each staff members to work in, thus creating a much more efficient working commute for everyone. A portable cabin might be a convenient and straightforward solution for your company. Here are the top benefits you can expect from using a portable cabin:

Creates extra space

Need additional space for your projects? You can use portable cabins if you don’t have enough room for your business. You can extend your office efficiently and effectively following the way.

With light duty cabins being so easily built, you can expect a new office space in less than a week, making your new office expansion straight forward and fast, and thus allows you to make your business activities more efficient and coordinated.

Adjustable and quality first

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In case of making a portable cabin, the first choice of the manufactures is high-quality materials to make sure the cabins last long. Irrespective of the office space needed, the ideal design of such cabins will meet your unique business needs.

A great example would be an engineered cabin. They are adjustable, durable and portable. A portable building with specific shelving, insulation, power and other important features can be easily customized.

Also, the design of these engineered cabin is supervised by competent building inspectors. They keep eyes on the process to ensure that these structures comply with the requirements of the building code.

Cheaper than building with bricks

You are dreaming of getting extra spaces to expand your business operation, but the pocket is too tired to talk! Portable buildings are the solution in such cases. Such kind of structure is relatively way cheaper than a permanent structure. As conventional buildings are expensive (average RM1,000,000 per office space in Petaling Jaya), purchasing a new unit to expand are usually not financially feasible, although renting is an option, but with renovation cost and time cost to be able to operate are usually too expensive.

 Comparing with buying a modular unit of portable cabin, all prices are inclusive and you are looking at a price as affordable as RM5,000 per unit. If you are intelligent enough, you should pick the fantastic idea of a portable cabin for your office to take financial advantage and not to leave your raw money to builders’ accounts.

Portable means easily moveable

Do you move a lot? Then there has no 2nd option rather than portable constructions. No matter how much you relocate from time to time, you can move the buildings anywhere as you want.

As most portable cabin units are outfitted with plug-and-play MNE (Mechanical and Electrical), the relocation process can be as easy as hiring transportation unit and carry your portable cabin to your designated location, and have any building specialists to re-connect all the MNE component, and it will be fully operational once again.

By the way, it will decrease your stress regarding the high cost to relocate your office and will reduce the chance of being injured.

Major asset for business

Portable cabins can be an important asset for your organization. You can even include your portable structure if you need to sell your company in the future. As they are portable, you can easily transfer the ownership to the new of the company, making liquidation a piece of mind.

While conventional office still has its place in the market, one cannot deny portable and agile is the market for the future. Instead of all clumping into a central workspace, multiple portal cabin workspace scattered around the region will improve effectiveness and efficiency of all the workers, thus increasing the productivity of your company

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