Portable Office Building: 3 Ways to Use It and Its Benefits

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Portable offices provide a safe and comfortable working environment and are suitable for almost any location – they go wherever you go because each is designed to be completely mobile, factory produced, and delivered anywhere in Malaysia. They are not simply cabins or pods but thoughtfully designed spaces to fit your needs. So, what are the ways to use a portable building, and what are the gifted benefits?

Portable Offices Can Be a Part of Your In-plant Office Space


Some businesses may already have a factory or warehouse, but they might need extra office spaces as their businesses expand. Instead of considering constructing a conventional office that may be costly, it would be better to consider getting portable office buildings that are quick to build and save on expenses. Additionally, if your work area has high ceilings, you can add additional square feet without losing the current floor space. Of course, you will need some steel platforms to support the portable offices. However, once the platform is constructed, the empty spaces after placing portable offices can also be used as storage, transforming all available empty spaces into functional areas.


Portable Offices Can Be Your On-site Cabins

You could be in a field that necessitates constant office relocation, for example, the construction or mining business, which requires an onsite office. However, brick-and-mortar construction is impossible to move from one location to another. The good thing is that such situation can be dealt with by using portable office buildings.

Another field, such as market research agency, requires setting up temporary offices whenever it is closest to their research site. With the assistance of portable offices, such businesses can save a lot on office rental in every area where they work. So, to keep business costs low, it is best to acquire the most cost-effective and easiest-to-implement solution by purchasing portable office buildings from reliable service providers in Malaysia.

Portable Offices Can Be Your Perfect Temporary Sales Office

Sometimes, your business may need to set up a short-term sales office or a retail outlet to meet potential customers in a different location, and the office or outlet must be presentable. The best example is a property developer. For example, property developers usually focus on multiple locations in specific geographical areas. They can customise it to achieve localisation, from decoration or exterior point of view. Then, after the sales and launch, they can reuse it for the following target location. It is generally a one-time cost if businesses choose portable offices, and this one-time cost enables them to own a fixed asset. On the contrary, if companies rent offices in different locations every time they target a new geographical area, it will be a monthly cost when it doesn’t turn into an asset at the end of the day.


Why Portable Offices?

Portable Offices Are Quick-build

According to research, building a portable office is about 30% to 60% quicker than constructing a conventional office structure, as businesspeople always claim saving time is equal to saving money. So, once your portable office is completed and delivered, you can use the portable office in the shortest amount of time as it is pre-fabricated.

Portable Offices Offer Flexibility

You can transform portable offices into anything you want. Portable offices are versatile, depending on their exterior; some can be stacked on top, placed side by side, or used as a single structure. Furthermore, if you no longer require extra office space, you can convert your portable office into something else, such as a mini dining room or recreation area. Additionally, portable offices are constructed in a way that you can move them around as these types of buildings do not require foundations, meaning they can be moved with ease onto a flat surface

Portable Offices Are Cost-effective

Portable offices and modular buildings offer the significant benefits of a traditional build at a fraction of the time and cost. Since portable offices are pre-fabricated at the factory, they can be completed faster than conventional builds, which may be hampered by weather and site constraints. Not only that, if you no longer require a portable office, you can resell it and reclaim some of your business costs


All in all, portable offices are cost-effective, comfortable, sustainable, and durable temporary portable buildings which are built for long-term applications. As portable offices can function as a multi-purpose structure, they are indeed a wise long-term business investment. So, are you ready to build your own portable office? Solid Horizon will consult you on everything you need to know and build every bit tailored to your needs. Let’s work on-to-go with us.

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