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In the world of home design, a revolution is taking place – and its future is tiny and comel. The buzz around the tiny house trend – an architectural and social movement that advocates for downsizing living spaces – is increasing. Witness how a steel modular construction company like Solid Horizon SDN BHD, is expanding into the creation of Rumah Comel, a tiny home that is both a fast and efficient housing solution in Malaysia.

Since its very inception, Solid Horizon has pioneered and mastered temporary living accommodation solutions for all industries in Malaysia, products ranging from portable cabin units, centralized labor quarters (CLQ), site offices, container building units and so much more. Taking a bold step in evolution, Solid Horizon is now ready for the forefront of converting its temporary building solution title by venturing into a permanent building solution in a form of a tiny home. Introducing Rumah Comel, a cute but versatile housing concept specifically designed for homeowners in suburban areas with extra land spaces to spare.

Before the introduction of Rumah Comel, homeowners in Malaysia have seen to be building their houses with extensive DIY knowledge. Some of them would go as far as building their own home from scratch, on their plot of land. But little do they know, often this process can be time-consuming, and also lacking structural knowledge can often downplay the danger of living underneath, thus increasing the risk of inflicting harm to the home dwellers.

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With extensive knowledge in building commercial buildings in the past, Solid Horizon lends their 30 years of experience in design and build, combined with new technology, to create a permanent home with fast building time, affordable cost, innovative design façade, strong sturdy structure, and provide a mindset of the future. Rumah Comel encompasses all of the above, with a building time of fewer than 2 weeks, which outshines the conventional building method of more than 4 months to complete a house.

Another biggest selling point of Rumah Comel comes in the form of the price tag. With each module costing between RM30,000 to RM45,000, this not just outshines the hefty price of a conventional home which costs up to RM100,000 per unit but also outplayed any DIY home built by homeowners themselves. With the latest modular construction technique, all units made from Rumah Comel are compatible with each other, which makes the unit modular and able to extend additional units easily at any time. Last but not least, with metal internal bone structure and precast drywall system to make up the unit, strong and sturdy marks the description. To top it all off, all of the above specifications are made possible by the expertise and certified manufacturer of modular construction by Solid Horizon.

Rumah Comel plays yet another important role in ESG sustainability planning in the construction landscape. From an environmental aspect, a study shows that a tiny house like Rumah Comel may result in a 70% reduction in per capita GHG emissions over its life compared to a traditional Malaysian house. This indicates the potential of RumahComel to be a useful option for reducing GHG emissions in the building sector. Another important aspect would be Social. In contrast to conventional houses built under harsh sunlight in the open, Rumah Comel utilizes a production conveyor pipeline to produce their units. Similar to the technique used in the automotive industry, Rumah Comel aims to fully adapt to the controlled production environment, thus guaranteeing the well-being of workers in the process.

Speaking about participation parties, Solid Horizon is honored to have worked and partnered with some of the industry giants, experts, and even fortune 500 companies in building Rumah Comel. Of all of the material used to build the unit like steel structure, wall panels, roofing, flooring, carpentry works interior finishing, MNE (mechanical and electricity), CNS (component and structures), and many more, Solid Horizon have worked closely with but not limited to: Saint Gobain Malaysia, Hume Cemboard Industries, UAC Fibre Cement Board, Premier Channel. To date, Solid Horizon is still actively looking for partners in the creation of Rumah Comel, as constantly improving the structure is the plan for the long-term sustainability of this product. All those mentioned working partners striving to be part of this initiative because of Solid Horizon mission statement, which is “to create sustainable living”, and pioneer in promoting ESG sustainability in building material segment.

And to highlight, Solid Horizon has set a remarkable yet achievable goal for Rumah Comel, which is to provide 100,000 units of Rumah Comel to Malaysians by the year 2025. This goal not only projects the scale of this humongous project, but also set foot in the vision of improving the living standard of fellow Malaysians in their accommodation solution for the big masses.

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