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Datuk Dr Andy Seo, Chairman of the Malaysian National Shippers Council (MNSC) is requesting that the Ministry of Transport (MoT) intervene with the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MITI) to change the non-essential classification of shippers to essential so that shippers can carry out logistics and warehousing during the current Movement Control Order (MCO).

According to Seo, in order to ease congestion at ports and airports, operators need a window for activities involving logistic and warehouse operations, which will involve minimal manpower.

“Based on the similar situation in March to April last year, failure to allow companies to clear import shipments from ports and export shipments from factory warehouses to meet shipment deadlines will lead to port and airport congestion,” he told The Malaysian Reserve.

He added that non-essential goods that have been imported before the implementation of the MCO and arrive in ports or airports will not be able to be cleated as manufacturers cannot receive containers at the factory warehouse.

“While transport and logistics services that support ports and airports are deemed as essential services and allowed to continue to operate during this full MCO period, shippers have been overlooked,” said Seo.

In the interview with The Malaysian Reserve, Seo said that non-essential goods for export that have been ordered by international buyers before the implementation of the MCO and expected to be shipped, will now sit idle in warehouses and this is highly detrimental to an export nation such as Malaysia.

“Due to the short notice, the manufacturers of non-essential goods will have to bear additional booking cancellation fees imposed by shipping lines due to the inability to export,” he added.

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