Shipping container medical clinics: how to revolutionise the health industry

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Nowadays, with the shortage of land, companies that rely on permanent structures for their businesses must get creative with their operations. However, ever since the pandemic, companies have loosened their standard operating procedures and are slowly opening up to the possibility of allowing their employees to work from home. But what about businesses, like hospitals, that require on-site observation and treatment?

Shipping container medical clinics.

Built from modular shipping containers, these portable clinics are outfitted with medical supplies & equipment and can be configured to fit any location for any medical purpose.

Portable healthcare that are outfitted specialized medical equipment can be used for disaster relief efforts in rural areas or additional space for hospitals in times of a viral pandemic, much like right now.


Situations shipping container medical clinics can be used in


Shipping container medical clinics can be used in any type of natural disaster. As the need for medical assistance surges, these portable healthcare units can be transported with ease to cater to any disaster or relief situation.


With a sudden outbreak of a virus, much like Covid-19, hospitals will have a difficult time catering to the rapidly increasing number of infections and often times, will require a quarantine area in order to protect its other patients and staff members. Providing a portable medical center on hospital grounds away from the main building would contribute positively to healthcare efforts.

Low patient density

Hospitals are often built in high density areas to cater to the population of that district. For areas that have a certain population of people but aren’t high density, like villages and off-site operations that still need a medical center to treat people in case of a medical emergency, portable health centers are perfect for this.

Harsh climates & conflict zones

Areas with harsh climates and conflict zones that are constantly bombarded with structural deteriorating conditions are difficult to build hospitals, despite constantly requiring one. Areas like these need temporary medical centers that can be assembled & disassembled easily and are lightweight for easier transportation.

Temporary usage

For construction sites, mining areas or other locations with a temporary amount of people, portable health centers are the perfect product.


Pros of shipping container medical clinics.

For portable health centers made from modular shipping containers, there are a variety of beneficial attributes to utilizing them.


A small 20-foot container has the capacity for tens of thousands of pounds. Made from steel cores, these containers are resilient against extreme weather and harsh environments.


Shipping containers are often used to transport cargo across multiple weather conditions; hot, cold, freezing, rough winds, high seas etc. This makes them perfect for harsh climates and conflict zones.

Easily transportable

Aside from their steel core material, shipping containers are actually lightweight and can be transported on a flatbed. Shipping containers are currently used around the world and a lot of the times, the engineering and infrastructure to transport these containers are readily available in various parts of the world.


Shipping containers are large enough to hold multiple people or an abundance of medical equipment but at the same time, small enough to be transported via ships, flatbed trucks, trains and helicopters.


Shipping containers that have already been modified into portable medical centers require zero assembly. Even with the addition of electricity and water, a portable medical center can be operational within a few hours.


Shipping containers are modular which means they can be constructed according to specific designs. Even combining two or more shipping containers together to create a larger structure is easy. This allows portable medical centers to fit any situation or location conveniently.


Air quality and a sanitized environment is important for medical efforts. Modular clinics can be made to be airtight and customized to fit the healthcare needs of patients.

Low cost

Compared to traditional brick and mortar structures, the cost to purchase, modify, outfit and transport a shipping container for medical purposes is considerably less than constructing a hospital or clinic.


With its steel core and moderately small frame, shipping containers last longer, can be transported easier for redistribution and can be disassembled making this product a greener and more sustainable alternative to permanent structures.

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