Solid Horizon Honored at the SOBA Awards

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KUALA LUMPUR (6 April 2021) – Solid Horizon Sdn Bhd was one of the small medium enterprises (SME) and local non-listed companies to receive recognition for their business achievements at the Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA).

Held at the One World Hotel in Bandar Utama on 17 March this year, the SOBA awards 2020 recognised and celebrated the SMEs and local non-listed companies over two tiers – with a turnover of up to RM25 million and above RM25 million.

James Yeoh, Director of Solid Horizon Sdn Bhd was at the ceremony to receive both awards.

According to James, it was a momentous evening for himself and the company and it was testament to the efforts everyone puts into Solid Horizon.

“It is a recognition for what we believe in and we will continue to make it better,” he said.

Solid Horizon was the recipient of the SOBA Silver Award for Best Green Initiative and SOBA Meritorious Achievement for Male Entrepreneur of the Year.

“The green initiative award made us feel that whatever green efforts we put in, it is something that we should continue to enhance and persist with in order to make our company even more outstanding amongst our peers because of our value,” he added.

On winning the male entrepreneur of the year award, James says the award just cemented the hard work that he had put in for the company.

“Winning the male entrepreneur of the year award has given me the recognition for all my recent years of hard work which has brought the company up to the next level by impacting the market in promoting sustainability in the market,” he says.

Solid Horizon is a Malaysian supplier and manufacturer of shipping containers. Since 1994, they have specialised in portable cabins, heavy duty cabins, labour quarter cabins, toilet cabins, guard houses, used containers and polyurethane cabins.


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