Solid Horizon Successfully Hands Over Phase 1 of Gamuda Cove’s Centralised Labour Quarters

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DENGKIL (27 April 2021) – Solid Horizon Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian manufacturer and supplier of shipping containers, has successfully completed and handed over phase 1 of Gamuda Land Sdn Bhd’s Gamuda Cove Centralised Labour Quarters (CLQ).

Phase 1 comprises five clusters of 32 cabins each which are able to accommodate 150 workers per cluster, translating to an overall 750 pax.

According to James Yeoh, Director of Solid Horizon, they were able to not only solve Gamuda Land’s worker congestion problem, but also adhere to the construction industry’s SOPs.

“It is always a great pleasure to be able to help our clients solve issues related to worker congestion while at the same time comply with the SOPs set by the ministry. We are definitely more than happy to kill two birds with one stone with the completion of our client’s phase 1 CLQ,”

Gamuda Cove CLQ is expected to be fully completed within 2021 along with a few additional infrastructure works.

“Currently, the sewage treatment plant for phase 1 hasn’t been completed,” says James. “We have provided a temporary septic tank while it’s being built. Once completed in September or October of this year, each cluster will have its own septic tank, along with the already running electricity and water.”

Gamuda Cove CLQ has two phases overall. Its second phase comprises the same components as the first which include five clusters that can house 150 pax each with an overall accommodating space for up to 750 workers complete with a canteen, cooking area, toilet, shower, firefighting system and security which all comply with Act 446.

James added that originally, the CLQ was meant to house 100 workers within each cluster, but the client asked if Solid Horizon could fit 150 pax each.  James and his team were able to provide the solution the client was looking for and still completely adhere to Act 446 SOPs.

When asked what one of the biggest challenges Solid Horizon faced when constructing the Gamuda Cove CLQ was, James mentioned it was the location.

“We actually faced a very big challenge with soil. Previously, the area was the site of a mangrove swamp, so we needed to clear the bad soil first. It actually wasn’t meant for double-storey structures, but after providing valuable engineering knowledge to the client and the project, we managed to include piling and erect two-storey buildings. Without the pilings, the CLQs would’ve taken up too much land,” James says.

For companies seeking shipping container products for centralised labour quarters, cabins, retail space or modular homes that fit local and international industry standards, please visit Solid Horizon’s website here, email the company at or call them at 03 3396 3888.

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