Solid Horizon to promote modular shipping containers as alternative infrastructure to support the local medical industry

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KLANG (25 May 2021) – Solid Horizon is actively advocating the use of medical modular (Medmod) containers to provide additional space for hospitals and healthcare centres to comfortably treat its Covid-19 patients.

With the rising number of positive cases daily and the shortage of beds at one of Malaysia’s main Coronavirus treatment centres, Solid Horizon Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian manufacturer and supplier of shipping containers, is currently promoting its Medmod products as alternative infrastructure to help support the shortage of beds at local hospitals and healthcare centres.

According to James Yeoh, Director of Solid Horizon Sdn Bhd, the medical industry and the government need to start looking at contingency infrastructure to prepare itself for any undesirable outcomes.

“Sungai Buloh Hospital has already used up its space and have resorted to using shipping containers as makeshift intensive care units (ICUs). We need alternative products that can be set up quickly and dismantled easily for mobilisation to other areas in need. With positive numbers recorded to be above 6,000, we need to prepare ourselves for any unwanted situations that may come our way,” he said.

Solid Horizon’s Medmods are made from steel cores with an internal high impact dry wall system measuring 20’ by 8’ (but modifiable) and are outfitted with medical support equipment within a highly sanitised interior.

“Solid Horizon’s Medmods can be easily set up at a moment’s notice which is perfect for hospitals that lack sufficient ICUs to meet the increasing number of Covid-19 positive patients or alternative locations that do not have the proper facilities for medical care,” he says. “Additionally, Medmods are specifically for medical use with 100% fresh air intake and can also be used as a disaster recovery centre.”

For companies seeking Medmods or any other shipping container and modular containers for various purposes, please visit Solid Horizon’s website here, email the company at or call them at 03 3396 3888.


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