Why Buy Shipping Containers When You Can Rent?

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As innovative modular construction technology is slowly being adopted in the market, consumers are juggling the options of either renting shipping containers or outright buying and owning them.

We’re sure the thought of owning your very own shipping container for various purposes sounds appealing, but here’s why renting is a better option for you.


Say you’re a property developer that needs temporary accommodations for your workers. Your high-rise condominium project could take up to three years to build and the construction arm of your company has leased an empty piece of land to house the shipping containers to accommodate your workers. By the time the development is completed, you need to clear the area for landscaping purposes, build access & through roads and hand over the units to your buyers. At this point, your construction subsidiary has moved out the workers and started on another project, leaving the adjacent area full of used shipping containers previously used as temporary accommodations. You now have unused shipping containers on your list of assets that are slowly rusting away and have decreased in value exponentially.

If you rented these shipping containers, all you need to do is return them to the supplier. The supplier will take on the transportation cost and the extra liabilities of these used containers leaving you with less things to worry about and even fewer liabilities.


It’s obviously more cost effective to rent shipping containers than buying them. It’s a lower down payment so you don’t have to fork out so much money in the initial stages. A lot of times, companies evaluate the monthly cost of renting over a period of time versus a one-time payment, but there are shipping container manufacturers and suppliers out there that offer rental packages that perfectly fit the financial plans of clients. Also, a small percentage deduction of your company’s capital expenditure per annum is better than a high percent deduction of your capex per annum. Not to mention the headache you’ll have when the product starts to deteriorate and loses all resale and repurposing value.

Solid Horizon’s Rent-to-Own Package

Solid Horizon has 30 years of shipping container manufacturing and supplying experience and offers a vast array of services. Among their services include the supply of portable cabins, heavy duty cabins, labour quarters, toilet cabins, guard houses, used containers and polyurethane cabins. Solid Horizon has expanded to provide site fabrication, site management, site enabling work and provide temporary accommodations such as steel structure work, warehouses, portable living units and portable offices.

Through its rent-to-own package, for a small monthly fee, you can rent any of Solid Horizon’s shipping container products with future intentions of owning them. This package is perfect for short-term projects that grow or expand into permanent assets. If you’re a retailer seeking affordable and temporary assets in order to amass wealth so you can afford a permanent location, this is the perfect package for you. You’ve rented Solid Horizon’s shipping container for your retail store and several years down the road you feel that the container premise you’ve established your business in is much more than a store, but your business’ identity and you’re looking to make it permanent. The package allows you to rent and then permanently own.

Also, if you’re looking to eventually own a shipping container but don’t have the funds to buy one straight away, you can adopt Solid Horizon’s rent-to-own package for a small monthly fee and eventually own the product. This is perfect for modular home projects that are fast becoming a cheaper, lighter, fully customisable trend in the market replacing traditional brick and mortar.

For companies seeking to rent container products for various purposes or even for modular home projects, please visit Solid Horizon’s website here, email the company at solid@sh.engimedia.com.my or call them at 03 3396 3888.

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