Why Choose Solid Horizon For All Your Modular Construction Needs?

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Nowadays, individuals and companies are straying from traditional brick and mortar construction components and seeking more sustainable building materials. Modular and prefabricated construction is becoming a more sought after method of building homes and various countries, including Malaysia, have already started adopting this approach as a cleaner, greener alternative.

In Malaysia, modular homes, prefabricated houses, temporary accommodations and cabins are slowly being recognised by captains of industry and industry leaders as a cheaper, faster, lighter and much more sustainable substitute for cement and stone.

Since 1994, Solid Horizon has been a manufacturer and supplier of shipping containers that can be repurposed into all types of products.

Thus, in an industry with so many providers and purveyors of shipping containers, why choose Solid Horizon?

30 Years of Industry Expertise

Established in 1994, but with much more experience in the shipping container industry prior, Solid Horizon has the knowledge and expertise to deliver industry standard products to clients. They have completed projects for various big names in the industry including SP Setia, Gamuda, EcoWorld, IJM & Ireka and have worked on large-scale projects including the Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit making them a household name in the Malaysian construction industry.

Dynamic New Direction

Currently helmed by James Yeoh, Director of Solid Horizon, after taking over from his father, James is injecting fresh blood into the company and is taking Solid Horizon to a new, bold direction focusing on diversification and creating awareness in the industry in order to grow the company and the knowledge of innovative construction technology in the market while at the same time maintaining the original values of Solid Horizon as well as its vision and mission in the industry.

Industry Certified

Solid Horizon holds many certifications important in a highly regulated industry. They supply and manufacture products that fit industry standards and have the knowledge to adhere to industry regulations and practices. Solid Horizon currently holds two ISO certifications, ISO 45001:2018 and 9001:2018 respectively, one certification from the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) and another certification from the Malaysian Ministry of Finance.

Health and Safety

Solid Horizon highly prioritizes the health and safety of both its employees and its clients. During uncertain and challenging times amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the company follows strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that have been set by the Ministry of Health Malaysia for all its employees and clients. These SOPs are regularly practiced on-site at their headquarters in Klang and off-site at client or project locations. Aside from that, Solid Horizon follows strict industry regulation protocols to ensure the materials, products, standards and execution all follow Malaysian and international health and safety guidelines.


Solid Horizon offers a vast array of services apart from its main business model of manufacturing and supplying shipping containers. Among their additional services include the supply of portable cabins, heavy duty cabins, labour quarters, toilet cabins, guard houses, used containers and polyurethane cabins. Throughout its 30 years of operations, Solid Horizon has expanded to provide site fabrication, site management, site enabling work and provide temporary accommodations such as steel structure work, warehouses, portable living units and portable offices. It also has expertise in providing prefabricated houses, sandwich panels and insulated panels for modular homes. Apart from its many products, clients are also able to appoint Solid Horizon as contractors & sub-contractors, design & build engineers, EPCC contractors and turnkey contractors.

With all the experience Solid Horizon possesses, it is a holistic company that provides an all-in-one service for clients in seeking large-scale projects or small, one-time modular construction developments.

For companies seeking container products or modular homes that fit local and international industry standards, please visit Solid Horizon’s website here, email the company at solid@sh.engimedia.com.my or call them at 03 3396 3888.

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